Friday, December 23, 2011

A Dissapointing Christmas Present

Well, we have not been playing in a while. Life has happened again, and we have been very busy. It finally started to slow down a little, and things started to get back to normal, and she became "playful" again. My wife in a while, but It got pretty hot tonight. Up until the actual sex. My wife runs her own business, and a fellow we both know works in a similar business in another town. He has been coming around on the days she works and offering tips and advice. Innocent enough sounding. But I told her that I was pretty sure he wanted to fuck her. He doesnt know we play, but, I am a man- I know how we are. We dont usually hang around and offer free help to married women just because. There is usually an ulterior motive. Well, this has been the case for a few weeks now, and I was starting to wonder if she had been fucking him and not telling me. I am convinced that has not been the case.

She sent me a message while I was looking for some last minute Christmas presents.
"Do you mind if I fuck Jim?"
I replied, no- of course not. And told her I would call her shortly. She said she was brushing her teeth and leaving.

Well, I was hoping for a fun night for her- She called me and dropped the phone in her purse as she went in to see him. I had a hard dick as I listened. They talked briefly, and within 5 minutes of her getting there, I could tell he was eating her cunt. She moaned, and moaned, and called out to God, and so on. I was really getting turned on.

When you listen on the phone, you can only imagine what is happening. She is pretty vocal, especially in this kind of situation, for my benefit, but I was not really getting clues as to what was happening. She continued to moan, and call his name, and so on. The connection was not the best, so I was having to wait through periods of no sound, and several times I was imagining that he must be fucking her by now. They stopped for a minute, and talked briefly, about how he liked her, and then resumed. I couldn't hear everything they talked about, but I could hear his voice and it sounded like he was about to cum. Now, I thought, they must be fucking. He let out a long yell, very loud, very long. Five minutes later, I heard her walking to her car.

She picked the phone up and said to me, "What a disappointment that was. He didn't eat pussy well- every time it started to feel good, he stopped. He finally stuck a finger inside, and didn't move it. He never got hard, and let out that god-awful scream while he jacked off. It was NOT the experience I was hoping for" .

I told her I was sorry, that I would take good care of her as soon as she got home. She said, "No more older men- Just the younger ones. Of course, they have their own problems too".

When she got home, she told me how she instigated the hookup- how she told him how "Excited" it made her to be getting tips from him, and such, until the conversation turned sexual. She told me how much she wanted a big fat cock in her while I was eating her. I brought her to a good orgasm, then another as I mounted her and filled her with cum. We have a big weekend planned for New Years Eve. Hopefully, it will be better.

So, guys, here are some tips from a good pussy eating cuckold- Take a viagra if you need to. When you find the spots that she likes when you are eating her, STAY there. Don't yell and scream when you cum- its not sexy. And, make sure the house is clean. If you can do these things, and you are good looking, open minded, and have a big fat cock, let us know!

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  1. What a huge disappointment. If you are looking for a good fuck let me know. I know how to please a woman with my mouth and not fumble like that idiot. Also, I don't scream loudly like a fool when I cum, and I can get it hard and stay hard. Nice young fat cock. Drop me a line and lets get together.